On this page, I post valuable, practical, and useful templates, documents, and examples, whether crafted by my own hand or from others.  Of course, I provide these only as general guides and examples and encourage you to consult your own attorney for the applicability of any one resource to the unique circumstances of your case.  Or, you can always contact me!

I.   Iowa Employment Related Templates, Documents

A.   Interviewing, Hiring

Hiring Outline for ESF (A sampling of hiring/interviewing do’s and don’ts, along with a good sampling of some basic interview questions)

Overview of Interviews ESF (A much more thorough and comprehensive set of interview questions and more detail about proper/improper questions)

B.  Presentation Outlines, Overviews, Content Guides

Guns in the Workplace – ESF Final Outline (A comprehensive overview of national laws impacting guns in the workplace, with three sample policies)

C.   Sample Workplace Policies

Fragrance Free Policy from the American Lung Association

If links are broken, or something unexpectedly tickles your fancy or gets your hackles up, always feel free to contact me.