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Polk County, Iowa, Employment Verdicts Recently Released

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21 Verdicts Released

The Clerk’s office of the Iowa District Court in and for Polk County recently released statistics sheets for the past 7 years on civil verdicts through the end of 2013.  This included the verdicts for all manncourtroomer of civil claims, including property damage, motor vehicle, and so on.  For our purpose, the most interesting of these was the employment claims, which can be found at this link: EMPLOYMENT CLAIM

Defendants Win More Often, But Plaintiffs Win Big When they Win

A quick review through the basic statistics for the past seven years (it’s only 22 pages), show that in Polk County, Plaintiffs won only 7 out of the 21 cases reported — good news, I think, for employers.  However, when they did win, the verdicts could be big – nearly $1 million in one case.

If employment claims are not on your radar in Polk County, they sure should be.