Donald Sterling and Clippers Sued for Wage/Hour Violations

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Sterling PictureDonald Sterling (well, his family trust) has been sued.

Shocking, right?

This time, it’s a class action brought by lead Plaintiff Frank Cooper, and he’s aiming at LAC Basketball Club, Inc. (Clippers) and The Sterling Family Trust claiming they misclassified Clippers employees as unpaid interns to short them for wages.

Take a look at the Class action Complaint here: FLSA Class Action

Lead Plaintiff Cooper claims he worked as a fan relations intern in 2012 and that the franchise and Sterling Trust misclassify employees as interns to avoid paying wages.  In fact, the Complaint alleges “Plaintiff’s unpaid work for defendants is part of a broader trend where employees are being misclassified as unpaid ‘interns’ in an effort by employers to avoid paying wages as required by state laws and FLSA. … The result is that while certain employers save wage expenses, the economy as a whole suffers from fewer paid job opportunities. Moreover, the economic and moral wellbeing of our nation is compromised due to the further marginalization of workers who cannot provide free services but rather must accept low wage employment in other sectors, thus foreclosing certain employment options, and indeed entire fields, from the already vulnerable.”

Well, at least that’s one side of the story …

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