Fisk Full Publicity PhotographErik S. Fisk is a member at Des Moines, Iowa, law firm Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.  Erik has experience primarily in business, employment and real estate law, and litigation in those areas as well as family law.

Erik is also a certified SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and a member of the Central Iowa Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.  Erik’s advice helps clients train employees, draft policies and procedures, and develop proactive hiring, retention, discipline, and termination practices.  He also guides clients through business sale, break-up, and formation issues.

Erik despises theatrics, hot air, and nonsense and prefers to get down to business.  Heck, Erik even runs a small rental property business himself, so he is familiar with the hassles and headaches, as well as the rewards and triumphs of running a business.

For the boring professional stuff (affiliations, ambitions, publications, etc.), see his law firm bio and/or his LinkedIn profile.  Also, connect with Erik on LinkedIn or send him missives on Twitter – @IowaHRLawyer.

In his personal life, Erik reads too much; plays chess or guitar; tries to fix broken mechanical things; does drywall, painting, and framing (i.e., runs a rental property business); and waits for the weather to warm up.  Erik also has an interest in all Art Americana, particularly anything related to chickens, like this one, which he drew himself:Modified_Chicken_vectorized

Erik’s commitment with this blog is to provide helpful, accurate, and engaging commentary without relying on the legal gobbledygook that many lawyers tend to traffic in.  He also plans to offer a lot more useful freebies at his Resources link.

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